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We change the timetable every 12 weeks or so, to give everyone the chance to try out every class format. This also shakes up your exercise regime, again the more variety the better, and gives you the chance to attend classes that you were unable to before. 

At Just Class Fitness, we want the timetable to be customer run. We will listen to your requests and ideas, and do our utmost to change the timetable so that as many of our customers as possible can say "that's my class, just where I want it". So if you want to be in charge come in to see us, let us know your favorite class, and see if we can get it where you want it.


Timetable shown is August, September, October 2017 (inc) Classes are subject to last minute changes. Where possible we will replace like with like, but when not possible, we reserve the right to replace with an alternative class format.

Aug, Sept, Oct, 2017