Total Body

A 12 week program, 12 set exercises, 12 minutes. Each exercise performed for 1 minute, or until exhaustion, then all 12 repeated 3 time in total. Working in a group for maximum motivation, along with at least one other session each week, this class is guaranteed to improve your fitness level and change your body shape. 

​Not just for the Super-Fit, but definitely for the Super-Motivated

Bums, Legs n Tums (BLT)

Exactly what it says... 

​Working just the bottom half of your body, this session will sculpt your legs and behind. It can also help with the elimination of Cellulite, as we work in both aerobic and anaerobic modes. Moving in all directions also improves leg strength, mobility and coordination. Ab section works through all the abdominal muscles, not just the six pack, to leave you feeling stronger and firmer all round.

​No high impact, but lots of energy used.

Class Descriptions



Slow controlled moves that teach you how to move your body effectively.

Pilates is all about body control. Learn how to utilize your "core" muscles, learn how your body should feel during certain moves, which help you get better results from all your other exercise. Continual moving throughout the class, so no overwhelming pressure put on individual joints, you improve your range of motion (flexibility,) through gradually increasing the size of each repetition, rather than holding in one place. 

A perfect accompaniment to any exercise regime, as well as a stand alone program for those with health or mobility issues. Suitable for every fitness level.

Weights Workout

The most popular Class Format in the World

Using a Bar, and individual hand plates, you will work your though your whole body. You choose the weight you use, so each class is tailor made to your strength. With the instructor pushing to go beyond your comfort zone, each class will make you a little bit stronger, so you can increase your weight load, build your muscles and burn more calories.

Every exercise regime, or weight loss plan should include some resistance or weighted work, to help improve muscle tone, as the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even when at rest.

Groove FX

Exclusive to Just Class Fitness.

Groove Fx is a Cardio workout, with high energy aerobic routines, with easy to follow dance style choreography. Easy to follow routines are built up in each track for fun, fitness and real results.

The most fun you will ever get in a workout!



A different class every time

Your guaranteed to work hard in this class. With resistance work and Cardio work, your whole body WILL be worked. Moving from upper body to lower body, from weights to running, you work to your fitness level. Each session the class format will be slightly different, one week you could be doing as circuit, with different exercises to each station and you stay there for a timed period, next time, we could all be working together, and moving through each exercise as a team. 

If you like a bit of variety, this could be the class for you.  


Discover the inner fighter in you

Using boxing gloves and focus pads, you will learn how to throw an effective punch, and how to catch one! Working in pairs (no need to bring a partner) and in 3(approximately!)minute rounds, you will learn all the different punches, how to put power into them and work on speed as well. As you progress through technique levels, we add in ducking and weaving, throw in some additional leg work and for good measure some ab work as well.

No other class works the upper body so effectively

Cardio Blast

Works on improving your Cardio endurance, so you can work harder for longer. 

Very basic moves "suped up" to an intense level, expect to work up a sweat as your heart rate soars. Built in "recovery" periods, to allow the heart rate to drop, while still working on your whole body fitness. A class for all levels of fitness, low impact options for those just starting into fitness, but also high impact options for those that want them.

No complicated footwork

No matter how fit your are, or how unfit you think you are, all our classes cater for every fitness level.

For those just starting out on their way to fitness, or those returning after a break, we have the low impact options, where one foot will always be on the ground, hollow bars for the weight classes, and of course, our dedicated a instructor that  watches what you are doing, to keep your technique spot on and encourage you  to step just out of your comfort zone, so that next time, you ARE a little bit fitter, a little bit stronger, a little bit faster and can work a little bit longer.

For Gym Junkies, we have high impact moves, designed to really raise your heart-rate, and solid bars in the weighted sessions to test your resistance level. We make sure that your technique is correct, so that every exercise is as tough as it should be. 

Step It

A Cardio based program, working on and around the step. Designed to lift your heart rate, and to really shape and tone your Thighs and Butt, this session will give you a Derrier to be proud of. 

​Ideal for those with a basic level of fitness, and who have a desire to lift their fitness to a whole new level.


30 Minutes of Pure Relaxation. Stretching all the major muscles and joints, some more than once in the session for maximum flexibility. Some stretches will be done each week, so you can chart your progress. Try to arrive slightly warm, so the muscles are ready to stretch out.

​Suitable for all fitness levels. 


Timetable shown is November, December 2017 and January 2018 (inc), classes are subject to last minute changes. Where possible we will replace like with like, but when not possible, we reserve the right to replace with an alternative class format.

Let's Get Fit For Life!

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Golden Years

Called Golden Years, because of the music! Doesn't mean it's going to be easy!

With music from the 60's and 70's and 80's,  this session will take you back to your youth. Easy to follow moves, with no heavy weights, and not too may repetitions. Each session will have a slightly different format, so one week weights, another might be mostly Abs, so you'll never get tired of coming to the same session. Ideal for new exercisers as it doesn't focus on any one area of fitness for too long. 

A whole body program. Ideal for ALL fitness levels.