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Loyalty Pays

Don't you just hate when a business is always giving the best deals to new customers, when you have faithfully been with them for years? Well here at Just Class Fitness, loyalty does get rewarded. Each year you renew with the studio, we can guarantee that you will get a better deal than is being offered to new customers at the time.*

​*12 month contract customers only

Fitness For Every Body

Our Fitness Classes are suitable for every fitness level

​Maggie, the owner operator, has extensive experience in Group Exercise, and has been an instructor for over 15 years. She has completed many different format modules, so can teach just about any type of class going. She has taught people with all different health issues, and helped the recovery of men and women with replacement joints, knee, hip and shoulder. She is fully committed to creating a friendly atmosphere, that you want to go to, safe in the knowledge that you will know someone there, and that every session you attend will be making a fitter and stronger you.

​Tired of exercising alone?

Getting to know us..

...With a FREE week Trial.

All first time users get a FREE week, so you can try out any, or all, of the sessions, completely FREE and without obligation.

You are encouraged to try as many DIFFERENT formats as possible during your FREE week, so you can really decide if joining is right for you.

Fill in the Contact Us Form, and we will get in touch within 24 hrs or one Business day to get you started. 


We have the biggest range of classes in the local area, in terms of variety we can compete with the major chains (at a fraction of their cost). In terms of customer service, we are streets ahead! Every person in each class gets some personal attention every time they attend, every exercise is designed to improve YOUR fitness level. Every class format has a stronger and fitter you in mind at the end of it. You are not just a number here at Just Class Fitness, we WANT you to use the studio, we WANT you to try as many different classes as possible. We don't just want your money, we want you to KNOW that you are getting fitter with every session you do. 

Since opening we have added to both the number of, and the variety of classes. We now have 13 different class formats that are each unique and individual, after all, the more variety you can get into your exercise regime, the better and faster you will feel and see the effects. We also, now have over 30 sessions each week, with a different class at each time-slot each day. So you can go every day, and do something different. 

Welcome... the only Studio in Southern Adelaide to specialize in Group Fitness.

We offer BIG Gym choice, but without the big price tag. We have a full range of classes, from full on Boot-camp, to calm and relaxing Pilates, all taught by qualified instructors, that want you to get the best out of every exercise that you do.

Group Fitness Classes are often underrated in their ability to improve strength and fitness, here at Just Class Fitness, we dispel that myth! Working in Groups can inspire you to go that one step further, use a heavier weight, do that one more Rep! It creates friendships, but also a  competitive spirit that drives you to go beyond the easy and into the tough, where you WILL get fitter and change your body shape for the better. 


​​​​​ Just as importantly, we have a big commitment on...

Getting to know you

We promise to deliver a welcome like you never get in a big gym!

  •  Everyone will know your name,
  • We have social occaisions, 
  • Team challenges, individual challenges
  • Know which classes you like, and know any health issues you may have. 
  • We will watch every participant, and make sure that your technique is spot on, not only to prevent injury, but to make sure that you get the best results from every session you do.
  • Special mentions on Facebook when you achieve a fitness milestone.

All this, makes this THE friendliest place to go to, to become a fitter and stronger YOU

Want to go somewhere that encourages Group Exercise? Somewhere that KNOWS just how hard you want to work out? Where you get expert help and advice on how you should exercise, how often and the best plan just for you?