Making sure you get the fitness you deserve.

Group Fitness Classes are often underrated in their ability to improve strength and fitness, here at Just Class Fitness, we dispel that myth! Working in Groups can inspire you to go that one step further, use a heavier weight, do that one more Rep! It creates friendships, but also a  competitive spirit that drives you to go beyond the easy and into the tough, where you WILL get fitter and change your body shape for the better. 


​​We don't just say we're friendly. We really are friendly. We have regular social occasions away from the studio and fun GrooveFX nights in the studio

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We enter teams into outside Studio events, taking part in physical challenges that you never thought you could, or would be able to do!

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True Grit Night Attack 2017
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​​We guarantee that our classes will get you fitter, keep you stronger, and get you doing things you never could.

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Do You "Do "IT" in Groups?"

Group Fitness  Classes For Every Body,  that are GUARANTEED to get you Fit For Life!

Do the Unexpected